Sunday, September 19, 2010

Before and After

The 30 acre plot was a barren field when the top picture was taken before Christmas, 2009. The second and third pictures were taken in mid-September, 2010 of Section F in the western end of this same field. Bill is making a plant inventory. Cuttings averaged 8-12 inches high when we planted them last spring; many are now taller than Bill, Phil, or Andy.

Spring and Summer 2010 have been busy with the planting of approximately 3000 trees and shrubs on the 30 acre plot. The well and pump are working well, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has given us the first part of its grant money, and the plantings flourished with regular water in the summer heat. We're also excited to see Nature starting to revegetate on its own-- a stand of native California Indian tobacco (in the foreground with yellow flowers) has popped up in the field.

Flooded Out

This soggy looking gopher did himself out of his own home by gnawing through a nearby dripline which then flooded his burrow and forced him up to the surface. Critters like him (her?) find dripline very tasty and snack on it all too frequently. "Walking the line" and repairing leaks is routine maintenance.