Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aug 24 12:30-4pm: East PV entrance to be blocked

Chevron has notified the Preserve that it "plans to hydrotest our production lines that run under the bike path near Darrell’s mini storage. The testing is currently scheduled for August 24, 2011 in the afternoon from 12:30 – 4pm. In order to ensure the safety of the public, Chevron would like to block the entrance where the testing will occur."

Equestrians will also be affected by this temporary closure.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seniors Visit Panorama Vista

Thursday morning, August 12, ten residents of Carriage Estates toured the Preserve, guided by Andy Honig, from the comfort of their van. They enjoyed seeing and handling samples of native vegetation, such as coyote melon, that Andy handed around and were impressed by the size of the cottonwoods and other trees, about which they had good questions. At Rocky Point Weir they got an excellent view of the rushing river.