Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bill mowed the 30 acre field in mid-March (see pictures below) after which the well was readied for use, drip lines laid for irrigation, and 6000 holes augured for the plants. We waited in eager anticipation for P.G. & E. to hook up the power for the pump. One postponement followed another (it was not until May 17 that the power company was able to get here!) Since Mother Nature generally waits for no man, not even a P. G. & E. electrician, Preserve volunteers started planting anyhow and rented a diesel generator for the pump. Luckily, M. Nature was a little off her rocker and sent unusually cool weather through April and May, good for the little plants. Higher temperatures (only in the high 80s) arrived only this week and the new plants are generally looking healthy. So far so good. These photos are from the same area shown in the March 21 blog . Thanks to the many volunteers who are helping make this happen. Much more remains to be done, however, so don’t hang up your shovel yet!

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